Our Values

At the OYC we have a core set of values that includes promoting excellence and helping our youth achieve success as our primary goals. Through partnerships with local organizations, businesses, leaders, and mentors we know that our children can grow in to successful adults with bright futures. To ensure this happens we wish to promote opportunities for education, advancement and experiences to learn quality skills.

44-kids-playingThrough advocating, outreach and connecting with our youth we believe it’s possible to help instill the core principles necessary for success. To that end we promote local institutions and organizations that will keep our kids and teens focused on achievement and positive activities for growth.

We believe quality youth programs come from a firm foundation in the following:

– Positive environment
– Positive relationship between students and teachers
– Structured school curriculum and activities
– An assortment of academic and non-academic activities to increase skills
– Structured classes with experienced instructors
– Great teachers who love working with kids/teens

We strive to provide resources where parents can find schools with a great student environment. To do this we look for programs that offer high levels of academic achievement, foster positive work and study habits, encourage consistent attendance, and have a desire to forge strong bonds between teachers, students, and their families.

After-School Programs for Our Youth in Florida:

In Florida, there are about twenty-five percent (742,554) of K-12 youth who holds responsible to take care of themselves right after school. From the total number of children in Florida who are not presently enrolled in after-school, about thirty-six percent (841,951) are likely to be participating if the after-school programs are available in the community. Eighty-six percent of the parents situated in Florida have satisfaction with the after-school programs which their children were attending. Twenty percent (584,688) of the K-12 children in Florida are participating in the after-school programs and this includes 59,746 children in programs which are being supported by the only federal that has dedication to after-school which is the U.S. Department of Education’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers Initiative.

Over a decade of research, there has been a confirmation that the quality after-school programs give inspiration as well as motivation to the children in order to learn, support both the social and emotional growth of the children, and to help in raising their academic achievement. Florida has 2,923,440 school-age children and about twenty-five percent (742,554) of which are alone and not supervised during the after-school hours. There is more need of investment now than ever for the quality after-school to aid in addressing the country’s growing opportunity as well as achievement gaps. The investment is also to give support to the children’s overall well-being as they will be moving through school, career, and more importantly life.

After-school programs provide safety for the children, inspirational learning, and support to the working families. It was evaluated at Florida’s 21st Community Learning Centers Initiative [CCLC programs] that the teachers reported a lot of improvements among the students who participated in the 21st CCLC programs. About seven out of ten students have improvement in their academic performance. Sixty-two percent have improvement with self-efficacy regarding doing well in school and about sixty percent have improvement to come to school with motivation to learn. A study of outcomes with association in participation with after-school programs have found that the students who have regular participation at the time of elementary school years showed a lot of gains such as the following:

  • narrowed math achievement gap at 5th grade between the low-income and high-income students
  • improved work habits as well as self-efficiency
  • decreased number of school absences

It shows in the research of 21st CCLC programs that the 21st CCLC participants have significantly improved with regards to classroom behavior, completion of homework, and participation in class. There were also improvements with math and English grades of the students. In addition, there is a study showing that the prevalence of obesity has significant decrease for the children who participated in after-school program. According to the researchers, the parental concerns regarding after-school care expenditure businesses up to $300 billion annually in reduced worker productivity.

The investment in 21st CCLC programs aids in assuring the children from the high-poverty, low-performing schools to have access to a supervised and safe space. It keeps the children to have involvement in interest-driven academic enhancement activities which will put them on the path of becoming lifelong learners.

Resources for Quality After School Programs for Children:

Advantages of After-School Jobs For Our Teens

Teenage children should take into consideration getting an after-school job because it is beneficial for them. While working teens will learn to become responsible for getting to work on time, doing the job right, and making certain that they will pursue in keeping up with their schoolwork. Teenagers will be earning salary so they will learn money management. In this way, they will learn to spend money more on necessities rather than needs.

Having an after-school job will let the teens have a taste of what life they will have as they grow being an employee, whether to be responsible or not. They will be able to figure out the way of paying their bills while at the same time just to spend a little amount of money. Having the job will keep them out of trouble. This is possible because the teens will become busy with work and curfews may help too as they will be prompted to get home early. The teenagers will appreciate what hard work means and they will learn to understand that it will help them accomplish their desires in life.

Having a job may not be the last resort that the kid needs but it is indeed worth it. The after-school job is able to give the teens the opportunity in maturing and gaining priceless life skills which will be serving them best in the future. The job may be initially stressful however it is understandable that each life’s new phase entails stress. When life gets very stressful, the teen already have the experience in dealing with it.

Through work, social skill is developed especially when they initiate communication with the customers and co-workers. The teenagers will be able to collaborate with other people just like the parents, teachers, bosses, and mentors who will be available to help in the training of the teenager to become successful. There will be times when the teens mess up at work and this will help them learn that there are consequences to whatever actions done. It is important that the teen will face his or her personal weakness in having a job. The parents should not hinder the teenagers from working especially if it is their interest to do so.

It is essential that the parents also hold responsible in giving guidance to the teenagers with regards to after-school jobs. The parents need to give clear expectations by sitting down with the teens and planning out the activities for the week. Be certain that the teens have time management in hanging out with friends, spending time with family, completing school work, and attending to job responsibilities. It is important that parents know when to back off. Allow the teenager to take responsibility after giving them assistance and don’t take the consequences on behalf of teens if anything wrong comes up.

When the individual begins to work at younger age, there are more learning lessons that can be acquired which will be of good help in the future. It is better to allow them to start working now when repercussions are still small rather than letting them learn when there are already bigger consequences.

Resources for Teens to Find After-School Job Training:

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